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Internet has within a very short time become an integrated factor of our society: it took television nearly 40 years to become completely accepted, radio almost 20 years, and computers less than 10 years, but Internet became a household item within 4 years. The speed of the Internet developments have a direct influence on the speed at which businesses need to follow suit.

To the degree that the importance of E-commerce grows and is turning into a strategic concern, Internet activities impact ever more significantly on existing business activities and a company’s competitive position. Independent of time and place, one is forced to compete 24 hours a day with other businesses that are merely a mouse click away from a computer-wise customer. The competitive field has been opening up as a result and the customer is turning much more demanding. Whether you're an insurance company like Aviva, an actual e-commerce site like Amazon, or a solutions and services company like us - flexibility is what it's all about it comes to E-solutions.The ability to adapt is the best way to win the business of this more demanding customer.

Internet and its peripherals have become an inescapable fact of life. Ordering on line, direct on line customer support, keeping track of inventory,... For businesses, the developments translate into cost savings and promote the stimulation of extra sales: upselling, cross-selling, getting to know the customer better, which means closer individual contact and the creation of greater customer-supplier bonding.

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