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Established in 1990, LinkTech is one of the leading suppliers of Hi-Tech Electronics and Scientific Equipment in Pakistan. Our primary focus is to offer a spectrum of quality products and solutions at a competitive price. LinkTech employs tertiary qualified, industry trained sales people to ensure the best advise and to present prompt personal service .We source and supply electronic components to any extent as far as guaranteed and timely deliveries are concerned. LinkTech is a trusted name in Research Institutions as well as the Industry Procurement Departments throughout Pakistan.

Regardless of the nature of business the internet is an essential requirement for success in today's fast-paced, global economy. Whether its web designing/hosting, bulk data entry, graphical solutions or printing /publishing; LinkTech now offers tailor made, affordable and dynamic solutions to boast the company productivity/sales.

LinkTech is your link to the world of Hi-Tech.

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